Mr. Shailendra Pandey is not only an astrologer, but he holds a scientific interpretation of astrology-palmistry-vaastu-colours-gems & mantras. He is a very successful column writer of hindi daily "Swatantra chetna" and “Dainik Bhaskar”, during this he has written so many articles on astrology & its relevance and importance. He is a very successful astrologer of various astrological TV shows on Aaj Tak, Live India, Voice Of India, CNEB, Zee News UP and Tez etc.

His so many predictions has become true on the wheel of time........... such as - Result of popular TV show Big Boss, Position of rain and drought, Cricket matches of champions-trophy and world cup , Share market aspect and prediction for celebrities of various fields. Others are on the edge of becoming true on the golden screen of time. Mr. Pandey always condemned the fraud, illusion and ill interpretation of astrology. He never accepted the conception of Kaal-Sarp dosh and useless karmkaand, as these are weapon for creating fear and generating money.

He has been awarded by “Vaidik Ratna” in 2011, by “Jyotish Ratna” and “Jyotish Bhushan” in 2012 and by “Vaidik Bhushan” in 2013. He is appointed as general secretary of “Bhartiya Jyotish Parishad” in 2012. He believes that "Astrology is a science of probability and it becomes truth only by the grace of All-Mighty".
Shailendra Pandey